LOVV The Dance Studio teachers and I are excited to welcome you back for our Full Season 2021-2022 that began on Sept 7th. We have missed our students SO much and look forward to dancing together again. We are back in full effect with some new options to dance virtually as well as in-person. Nothing is going to stop us from giving you our best!

We’re thrilled to bring you a hybrid schedule!

In-person Classes for those ready to be back in the studio.
Zoom Classes for those who want to dance virtually at home.
On-Demand Library of our pre-recorded classes for those who need flexibility & convenience.

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After our brief closure, we were able to reopen our in-studio classes on June 13 with New Safe Studio Standards. We have a detailed plan to share which includes new procedures for drop off and pick up and strict cleaning protocols nightly in addition to the professional studio deep cleaning each week. Everything you need to know about how we will be safely reopening the studio is here. Please take some time to read thoroughly.

I would like to commend our dedicated teachers who, without hesitation, stepped up to help LOVV quickly pivot to bring you virtual classes during our Spring and early Summer closure. As a team, we had a collective determined spirit as we implemented new technology to deliver you authentic LOVV classes, via livestream and on-demand.

We’re deeply grateful to those of you who have continued to participate in our program. Your commitment to LOVV, has enabled us to survive this challenging time. While dancing virtually might not be the same highly personal experience we have all come to know and love, we were still so grateful to be able to see your children dancing at home if they can’t be with us in the studio right now!

As LOVV reopened, be assured that your child’s safety and health is a priority and we have adapted our operations to make this our number one priority. 

How LOVV is Working to Protect You with Our New Safe Studio Standards?

Upon reopening, all surfaces will have been disinfected with Benefect and renovated key traffic areas. We have also renovated the lobby with new carpeting and the hallways have a new coat of paint. We have also implemented new safe studio standards broken down into 3 categories.



  • Our dance studio(s) are taped so the students in class maintain social distance.
  • Class sizes are limited to 8-12 students in our small studios and 18 in our larger spaces.
  • Wearing a mask is encouraged, but is a personal decision for each student.
  • Some classes have been shortened in length to tightly manage our reopening, allow for cleaning and a greater ability to serve our students.
  • Class times are spaced out to eliminate congestion and allow for cleaning.
  • Classes will start and end promptly.
  • Our lobby and waiting areas are currently closed.
  • All classes for ages 6+ will be drop off only.
  • We will have extra staff on hand to assist with these new drop off and pickup protocols, to help students needing a bathroom break and supervise throughout the times in which we are open.
  • Primary Students (ages 2-5) must be accompanied by one parent.



  • Students must wash their hands before class and have the option of using hand sanitizer (We will be providing Hoosier Hand Sanitizer with ingredients being only alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and glycerin which is both safe & effective).
  • Any studio props used will be sprayed with Benefect after every class.
  • Studio floor will be mopped with Benefect at the end of each night.
  • Studio windows will be opened for fresh air during/after every class.
  • Bathrooms and common areas will be cleaned thoroughly once per day.
  • Our Rabbit HEPA air filter will be changed monthly (details of filtration below).

Next Generation HEPA Filtration

HEPA is the most trusted filtration technology in the world, used by hospitals, high-tech clean rooms, and scientific laboratories. Our advanced BioGS® HEPA filtration system is true-HEPA rated. It builds and improves on the traditional HEPA; composed of a proprietary fiber material, it traps allergens and particles 0.3 microns in size at 99.97% efficiency and particles less than 0.1 microns in size at higher than 99% efficiency3.

Our BioGS HEPA filters traps and reduces common allergens and bacteria trapped on the filter to support optimum filter efficiency and prolong filter life. Unlike traditional HEPA filters which could allow bacteria and virus to grow over time.



  • LOVV will have no contact temperature monitors to take temperatures of students as needed.
  • If you or your child aren’t feeling well or have symptoms, do not have your child attend class for their wellbeing and that of their teachers and fellow students.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has, we ask that you not come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative.

Finally, our push to safely reopen is heavily weighted on the fact that our dance community is a vital tool for our children’s mental and physical health and wellness and provides a necessary sense of overall well-being and connectedness. If you are financially challenged and need complimentary virtual classes, please contact Aretese via email [email protected].

LOVV The Dance Studio has been rooted in the Wheaton community since 2014. Together with our valued parents and students, we have created a very unique and special dance family within this community. Looking ahead, the future is uncertain. The closure has no doubt presented significant challenges. Coupled with the possibility that our classes could be affected with another potential closure or delayed full opening, we are at a critical juncture.

What has been amazing to witness is the number of families willing to donate their tuition and costumes credits back to our studio. We have kept our teachers paid the entire time our studio was closed. To ensure LOVV’s viability, we ask for your support by signing up for either in-studio or virtual classes for our Full Season 2020-2021 and beyond. We thank you in advance so that we can recover and thrive in the months ahead.

We are so excited to see our students back and to be able to share in the experience of learning and dancing again. Together we will journey the path ahead!

With much LOVV and gratitude,