Summer Programs

Summer Mini Session

June 7 – 16
Mondays and Tuesdays

*In-Studio and ZOOM Options

In Studio $15/Class
ZOOM $10/Class

*Don’t miss our Free Sunday Classes

  • 6:30-7pm “Everybody Dance Now” for dancers and their family members – all are welcome.
  • 7-8pm Dancer Conditioning – stay in shape and build endurance.
  • Zoom ID on schedule or tune in live on Facebook and Instagram.
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Summer Session 2020

Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays
June 27 – Aug 8

*In-Studio and ZOOM Options

In Studio $17/Class
ZOOM $12/Class
Unlimited Class Options Available

Register for your favorite class and try a new style too!

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LOVV Master Class Series

June 24 – Aug 6
Wednesdays and Thursdays

4 hour Intensives with Famous Master Teachers from across the country.

*Live via ZOOM

Weekly $95
Full Series $540


Registration Open

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2020 Dance Experience

June 26 – Aug 23

CLI Studios Membership is complimentary from LOVV with registration of any of our summer programs ($100 Value).

  • *Live Classes and OnDemand 24/7 Access from the industry’s hottest choreographers.
  • *Contests, Challenges and Prizes Throughout the Summer.
  • *Opportunities to win video feedback & mentorship from CLI choreographers.
  • *Performances, cyphers & showcases from amazing performers.

Check out their website to see a list of who will be teaching:

FREE with enrollment in any of LOVV’s summer programs!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to our current business limitations and safety of everyone at our studio, all camps will be suspended for Summer 2020. We can’t wait to book you in for these awesome camps in Summer 2021.

Pop Up Workshops in July

*Fairyland Camps
A magical experience with Miss Stacey who takes the children on a journey through Fairyland with dancing, singing, reading and crafts.
(Includes fairy wings and wand (girls) or elf hat and buzzy bee wings (boys) to keep)

*Tumbling Courses
Foundation and Basics for proper tumbling and acro skills. LOVV’s master tumbling teacher has over 35 years of teaching experience in dance and power tumbling. Students will see fast progress, correction of bad habits from being self or improperly taught and learn safety rules of this discipline.

*Technique Boot Camp
The foundation of all styles of dance. Hone in on flexibility and skills. Dancers will learn exercises for proper mechanics of leaps and turns, how to maintain rotation and turnout while dancing, create better pointed feet, with a focus on proper arm placement and body alignment.

*Dance Team Leaps/Turns
The basics broken down. Jazz Pirouettes, Turns in Second, Turning Discs, Capezios, Leg Hold Turns and more. Drill the skills to be the best team member you possibly can.

*Bosu Ballet
LOVV’s very own training program for Dancer Conditioning/Endurance and Proper Technique. Get ready to sweat and be sore!

(Schedule and Pricing Available Soon)

Wheaton Fairy Dance Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are classes?
We use a sliding scale for tuition so the more classes a student takes, the cost per class decreases. One 45 min - 1 hour class costs $128 per session.
The class I’m interested in is 1.5 hours long, how much would that cost?
We use the lower hourly rate when a class falls between the 1 hour increments. So a 1.5 hour class would be $168 per session. 2 hours of class would be $248/session and 2.5 hours of class would be $300/session Detailed Tuition Scale can be found here
How long is a session?
2 months which includes 7-8 classes per session. Our full season runs from Sept 4 – June 12. It is broken up into 5 sessions for payment purposes. Once enrolled, a dancers place is held in applicable classes for the entirety of the season.
Can I cancel? Once I sign up, do I have to finish the whole year?
While we rarely have students who choose to discontinue their classes. Our sessions allow for someone to cancel their classes without any financial implications. We do require a 2 week notice if you will not be continuing through the next session. This is especially important when a class is full with waitlisted students. Without proper notice of cancelation, you will be responsible for paying the next session’s tuition even if the student stops attending.
When can I enroll?
Registration is open for our full season on August 1. We close registration when a class becomes full or by Jan 1. Because costumes need to be ordered for our recital, this is a strict cut-off date for enrollment.
Are there other fees in addition to tuition?
Full Season Registration Fee $35 per family. No registration fee for any summer dance classes or intensives. Recital fee $35 per dancer. Costume fees $75-95 per costume. One costume per class. If your dancer is in hip-hop and jazz, they would need 2 costumes – but only charged once for the show fee.
If my child is sick and has to miss, can they make up the class?
Of course! They are welcome to attend any other age/skill appropriate class during the week. While we are happy to offer this, consistency is where we see the most progress so frequent make ups are discouraged. After Jan 1, most classes are working on recital work in addition to class curriculum, so please note missing your child’s own class also has then missing out on recital choreography and practice for the week.
What holidays is the studio closed for?
Our holiday closings can be found here:
When can my child move up to the next level?
We give age guidelines for each level of classes available. However, we do not have dance levels that correspond with every school grade, so dancers will spend a few years in each level at the studio. For example, our Level 1 classes are for dancers ages 6-8 so those students have been taking Level 1 from about Kindergarten - 2nd grade. Dancing at the same level for multiple years doesn’t mean they’re not progressing or “moving up. There is so much to learn and the foundation of dance technique is repeated through every age and level. The plies and releves that our Tiny Dancing 2's and 3's learn are the same as our advanced students do each week in their ballet classes. The practice never changes, but the students learn and grow with each year of work. The recital pieces will always be new and different so while the class label may stay the same, our students not only continue to build their dance skills, french vocabulary, and strengthen proper technique, but they will learn a different dance for the recital each year.
What age can dancers start?
Our youngest class is Tiny Dancing Twos and Threes. We often have dancers start before the age of two! They should be willing to head in without a parent to enjoy the class with their friends. Dance is very fun and social. Don’t worry if there are tears at first. Sometimes it even takes a month or two for our youngest dancer to start fully enjoying themselves at the studio. Be patient. We are! Our teachers will hold your child hand or pick them up. It is a very loving environment and the music and movement makes everyone happy.
My dancer is 3 but will be 4 in January, what class should they attend?
The 3-4 year old class would be the perfect fit. This class is for dancers who are 3 turning four within the year or dancers who will be 4 the entire season and who are in their 1st year of preschool. The next primary level is for 4-5 year olds (4 turning 5 within the year or 2nd year preschool)
How can I volunteer to be a Room Mom or other studio jobs?
We are always looking for helping hands. Let us know if you would be willing to volunteer some time or if you have any special talents you would like to share with our studio.